Healthcare in Arlington Height, Ohio

Arlington Heights, Ohio is a small town tucked within Hamilton County. Hamilton County encompasses the Cincinnati area, located in southwestern Ohio and most of the suburbs and metro area so, thankfully, residents of Arlington Heights should feel very well prepared for any medical emergency that might befall them. Due to the numerous hospitals in the area, Arlington Heights residents should feel safe knowing that they will be able to get care in time should they ever need it.

Cincinnati Children’s Drake Hospital

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One of the biggest hospitals in the area is Cincinnati Children’s Drake Hospital. Cincinnati Children’s is routinely ranked as one of the premier hospitals in the nation, boasting a spot on US News and World Report’s best hospital list for 2017-18. The hospital offers a high number of services, including emergency services, a fetal care center, an ear and hearing center, and much more. With over one hundred doctors on staff, this hospital treats a wide array of maladies.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

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Arlington Heights features a major university in the area, another great hospital to attend is the nearby University of Cincinnati Medical Center. University of Cincinnati Medical Center works with many of the staff physicians at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is one of the top medical schools in the nation, regularly ranking in the top 50 nation wide. This hospital is also regularly featured in the top 50 rankings from US News and World Report and offers a range of services including a burn center, heart, lung, and vascular services, and even an area for dental care. With hundreds of doctors on staff, this hospital surely will be able to treat all health problems.

Trihealth Evendale Hospital

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Trihealth Evendale Hospital is another great hospital to attend for residents of the Arlington Heights, Ohio, area. A major benefit of this hospital is that it is very close to the two major highways in Cincinnati, I-25, and I-75. This is a huge plus for anyone that needs to get to the hospital in a hurry. Services at this hospital range from inpatient surgery, to orthopedics and outpatient imaging, making sure that they can take care of a high number of patients no matter what treatment the patient requires. Trihealth also features a heart Institute, a neuroscience institute, and a center for the treatment of sports injuries, making it an incredibly versatile hospital with many different services and doctors to choose.

Many Health Options

As we have seen, despite being a tiny town within Cincinnati, there are plenty of hospital options available for people in the Arlington Heights, Ohio area, with each offering unique services and quality of care. Being located near two hospitals that routinely rank in the US News and World Report rankings of top hospitals is an excellent benefit for people living in such a small town in southern Ohio.

The History of Arlington Heights, Ohio

Arlington Heights is a small Village located in Hamilton County, Ohio. The population, according to the latest Census Bureau is 745, which is down from 845 from the 2000 census report.

Arlington Heights’ Beginning

Arlington Heights became incorporated back in 1889, as it was formerly known as Arlington. However, due to another town using the name Arlington, the founding members changed the name by adding the word, “Heights.” Therefore, in 1905, Arlington Heights became a village.

Arlington Gets A Bell and a Public Building

Water pipes, electric lines, and phone lines were all installed before 1905, as well as the roads, were platted and graded. In 1895, after purchasing some extra property, the citizenry of Arlington Heights occupied their first public building in June, as well as obtaining a fire hose, and a hose reel.


Later that year, for just under $50.00, a bell was purchased to signal fires and town hall meetings. Next, the village added a bell tower to house their bell. The bell served as a way of notifying the public all the way up until 1932.


Arlington’s First Village Hall, Church, and School

As the Village grew, so didn’t the needs of the residents. The town needed a proper place to worship, a place for children to receive an education, and of course, a place to hold meetings and handle Village business.

first church

In 1930, a measure was on the ballot for the Village to get a “town hall” building. Late in 1931, the building was completed and ready to be used for the citizenry. It cost roughly $19,000 to complete.

In 1932, the Village added a school for their children, and the faith based people requested a church. The Faith Community Church was finished in 1937.

Arlington Heights Today

Since the mid-2000’s, Arlington Heights has been the center of some controversy. Several scandals shook the small community. The town became known as a “traffic ticket trap“, and village employees were accused of mishandling and stealing city funds.

police car

In 2011, according to a report, Arlington Heights issued 4,037 traffic tickets. What makes this alarming, is the fact that the town only has 745 people, which breaks down to 5.4 traffic tickets a person per year.

The high amount of traffic tickets is far above the state average, which is 0.2 case per capita. Arlington Height’s is issuing tickets at a staggering 5.91 ticket per capita rate. This makes the Village third highest amongst traffic ticket violation cases in Ohio.

In 2012, two former Arlington Heights employees were indicted by a Hamilton County grand jury for charges relating to theft of roughly $260,000. The money was allegedly stolen from Village foundations.

Also that year, Joe Deters, a Hamilton County prosecutor, called for the Village to be shut down due to its scandalous nature. He accused officials and the Village of running nothing more than a speed trap.

In 2016, the Village’s police department officially disbanded and now the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department oversees the law enforcement duties.

Arlington Heights’ Demographics

  • Population of 745
  • 329 Households
  • 180 Families in the Village
  • 382 housing units
  • 80 percent white racial makeup
  • 14.8 percent African American
  • 0.9 Asian
  • 29.2 percent of households had children under 18 living with them
  • 33.4 percent of households are married
  • Median age in Arlington Heights is 36.3 years old
  • The gender makeup is 50.2 percent women, 49.8 percent men
  • The median income for a household is $30,288
  • 13 percent of the population is living in poverty


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Although Arlington Heights had a few minor scandals, it does remain an upbeat community for families to live.

That said, this village faces just as many challenges as other towns do. There are challenges for employment and keeping residents from leaving the community. Arlington Heights is a lovely setting with access to the Ohio River and Cincinnati. There are many advantages to living there.