Arlington Heights, a Great Place to Live


Arlington Heights can be described in many different ways to people who are interested in knowing all about this area. Typically, one of the first things that an Arlington Height’s resident may do is introduce their home as a tiny community that is in the State of Ohio. Even though it only has a small number of residents, it is known for being a relatively friendly place to live, especially for those who like the small town setting.

The town has the nickname of “village between the lanes” because the city sits between the southbound and northbound split of Interstate 75. Arlington Heights is in the middle of Hamilton County.

History of Arlington Heights

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The history of this village dates back to 1889. Some of the first industries were products made from basic ingredients. For instance, some people may remember stories passed down from ancestors. One of the more notable products was soap produced from an animal by product instead of the non-organic ingredients that manufacturers use today.

The town doesn’t bring in a lot of tourism since the attractions that they have in this area are not always widely published. Arlington Heights does have some historic neighborhoods that the town is known. For instance, people who visit can appreciate the Ohio River and the associated cultural surroundings, restaurants and its various amenities.

Newly Generated Interest in Housing and Commercial Activities

Additionally, if anyone is looking at this area as a possible location to reside in, they may want to know the current status of its overall economics along with the job opportunities that one can expect. For instance, in recent years, there has been an explosive growth in both housing and commercial activities. More money is coming into the community. However, with this type of growth, the residents are experiencing the associated headaches that accompany traffic congestion and new building.

New prospective residents deciding to take advantages of newly created jobs, should know some things in advance. While there are some different great communities that people can select from, some are much more notable than others. So, for those who are in the market of relocating they may find it very beneficial to look at some of the most attractive suburbs in this area. Namely, for the most part, real estate agencies and real estate brokers may direct their clients to the following communities:
Mason, Montgomery, Blue Ash Evendale, Kenwood, Loveland, and Kenwood.


Ohio River

Arlington Heights has many great attributes. Just like most communities today, it is changing. The challenge is to keep that “small town” feeling while bringing in new residents. Access to the Ohio River and Cincinnati make it a perfect location to live.