Hiking in Arlington Heights, Ohio

There are many walking trails to explore when hiking in Arlington Heights, Ohio. Some of the trails have more miles than one can walk in a day. Others are short; sweet strolls that you can hike in a few hours with some trail mix and water.

Trails to Review


The I-670 Downtown Connector is not a very popular trail according to reviews. It only received a 3 out of 5 stars. Parking for some people has been a problem. Most people complain that it needs a bit more maintenance and the pavement needs work. This might be one of the trails to avoid.

The Olentangy Trail is currently closed and scheduled to be reopened sometime in 2017. Check the park website for more details.

5 Star Trails

hiking trails

The other trails all have 5-star ratings or are not reviewed. The one good thing about getting reviews about trails is that they are based on honest experience. No one is trying to sell anything with trails, so hikers just stick to the facts in their assessments online.

The Tri-County Triangle Trail is a trail that has been heavily reviewed, and all patrons give it five out of five stars. The trails are 35 miles of paved countryside.

The Alum Creek Greenway Trail is paved with asphalt the entire way. Patrons have given this a five-star rating consistently as well. However this trail is around 20 miles, so some time will be needed to finish the entire route.

If a person is looking for a path that one can complete in an hour or two, then look no further than Downtown Connector Trail. This trail is only one mile long and has top reviews. There is parking, and the trail is newly paved. There is water along the trail as it runs along the Kokosing River.

The Foor Leisure Path is another short trail of 1.3 miles that is in Groveport residential area. It is paved, so it is excellent for walking. The name delineates that is for leisure.

One trail not to miss is The Blackhand Gorge Trail. This trail is said to feature some of the best scenery in the entire state. It is only 4.26 miles, so it can easily be a long one day hike.

Other Trails

29 other trails are viable options that are not in this article. Find all the paths and various details, by looking at a comprehensive list on a website. Trail Link contains all the upper Arlington Heights, Ohio trails at the following website https://www.traillink.com/city/upper-arlington-oh-trails/.

Remember with all these trails it is important to plan your route. You cannot hike most of these trails in just one day, so don’t get stranded out in the wilderness by biting off a longer journey than you can chew. Remember, when in doubt, always aim for a shorter hiking time to avoid getting stuck with the bears in the dark.