How Can Exercise Lead to Weight Loss?

People might wonder- “how can exercise lead to weight loss?”. The basic answer to this question is that exercise helps one to expend more energy. The more energy one expends versus their basic calorie intake; the more likely people are to burn fat storage in the body.

Sweat to Lose Weight

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There are some unknown facts about weight loss. Most people do not know that the body gets rid of fat by sweating it out. That means that sweating is a healthy process, especially in weight loss. Most people do not like to work up a sweat. It can be uncomfortable and involve shortness of breath.


However, that type of exercise is called cardio, and it helps the heart stay healthy. People should make sure that they remain within a comfortable pace though for cardio. When they are breathing heavier, it is best. However, to be completely out of breath and in pain means that one is going too far beyond the heart and body’s limits. If one wants to be faster, then a person needs to build up fitness to get to a point where that level of activity is not too taxing on the body. This is what people refer to when they talk about getting in shape.

Building Muscle

Another way that exercise can lead to weight loss is through the building of muscle. Muscle is heavier than fat, so a person will probably not lose a lot of weight at first. After the start of a fitness regime, it is not uncommon to gain a couple of pounds the first week or two. This is because a person is gaining muscle. But muscle mass is a good thing because it is leaner than fat. A person should take their measurements around the waist, thighs, and biceps. After a couple of weeks, these measurements should be going down. The calves might go up half an inch, but this is due to lean muscle mass. All in all though, after a month of a committed fitness program, a person should expect to have lost a couple of pounds and to inches around the waist.

Commit to Exercise and Food Control

It is not easy to stick to the weight loss program through exercise alone. Intense exercise can make a person hungrier. So if a person indulges even more than before, then the person will gain weight. The person needs to commit to smaller portions. Steve Holman has an excellent program that will help with losing weight and controlling diet. It will also help to cut out sugary drinks, as this can aid the weight loss.


A person who commits to a more active lifestyle will never regret it. There are very few individuals who say that they regret losing 20 pounds, or bringing their BMI into the normal range again. And the loss of fat can put a person at lower risk for diseases like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease so that a doctor would approve of these efforts. As long as a person has not had a history of eating disorders, there is no risk involved in learning by experience how exercise can lead to weight loss.

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